Monday, July 9, 2012

Mr Joe's Homemade Pimm's recipe

Given our web speed has plummeted to barely nothing this afternoon I can't share any photos so instead, partly because it doesn't require a photo and partly because after several hours of trying to upload stuff I've feel driven to drink, I've decided to share Mr Joe's Pimm's recipe.

For several years we lived in the south of France, lots of lovely sunny weather but you can't buy Pimm's in France - I don't know why, I really think they're missing out on something.  While we were there, and a long (very long) drive from the UK, Mr Joe spent many an hour searching the internet and then experimenting with various measures to make the perfect Pimm's.  Now we live in the north of France, the weather isn't quite as sunny but it's far easier to travel back to the UK so buying Pimm's isn't a problem but we both developed quite a taste for the home-made version.  So here it is:

1 measure of gin
1 measure of red vermouth
1/4 to 1/2 measure of Cointreau (depending how "sticky" you like it)
a dash of Angostora Bitters

Dilute with lemonade and the foliage/fruit of your choice.

Enjoy but watch your head - it seems to be a touch stronger than the real thing.

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