Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A shopping trip

During our trip to the UK last weekend we managed to sneek in a visit to Fagins Antiques in Devon.  Fagins is a fabulous place full of antiques, reclamation, collectables and more.  Whether you’re looking for something in particular or just browsing it’s a fascinating place and well worth a visit even if you are only slightly nearby.  

We went along with the object of looking for a front door and managed to come away with… a front door!  That has to be a first.  A beautiful gothic arched door with fabulous hinges.  It might have something of the condemned building look about it at the moment but it will be beautiful, I promise, after some hard work.
The "new" door in situ
Earlier this year we spent a while working on our hallway, after lots of painting we took out some of the first floor and created a galleried landing.  The only thing the hallway needs now is a front door.  At the moment it can only be accessed from the room either side.  There’s a very obvious place on the outside that the door should be, and there are some definite looking stones that show through the plaster that make it look as though there was a front door there before.

So, the restoration begins.  Joe has managed to get all the door furniture off, no easy task.  Next we need to remove all the layers of paint using our new best friend, the hot air gun.  Better get back to it!

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