Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Forget salt and vinegar and cheese and onion...

Joe and I are both rather partial to a crisp, we know they’re not great for us but sometimes you just have to have that salty crunch that only crisps will give you.  We both got very excited when our local supermarket started to stock Kettle Chips.  

Anyway, while thumbing through the weekly “pub” (the reams of supermarket offers and shopping information that arrive each week) I was slightly disturbed/intrigued to see two new flavours of crisps.  I’ll happily admit I’ve sniggered at crisp flavours here in France and then been very pleasantly surprised – both the Cheeseburger and Pepperoni Pizza flavour crisps that I bought out of pure curiosity were surprisingly good and really did taste of Cheeseburger and Pepperoni Pizza which was quite strange to say the least.  

The two new flavours I spied were Marine which sounded intriguing, the second was the one I’m really not so sure about – Salted Caramel.  Now the producers of both these flavours is a Breton company and the Bretons do love their salted caramel, but crisps?  I’m not sure.

Last week I spied some of the Marine flavoured ones so bought a pack out of curiosity.  I have to say I quite liked them.  They certainly do taste of the sea, surprisingly like eating a fresh oyster, although obviously a very different texture.  As for the salted caramel, we’ll have to wait and see.

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