Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Roscoff and some very crunchy lights

We spent last Friday night in Roscoff, Brittany as we had an early ferry to catch on Saturday morning.  It’s a lovely old fishing town with some beautiful houses.  We arrived mid-afternoon and had a wander around.

Later that evening we had a fantastic meal at La Bonne Etoile, a beautifully decorated restaurant near the harbour.  The food was all homemade and localy sourced.  It was a very hard decision but in the end I decided on a Breton onion tart with chitterlings to start.  The pastry base was beautifully crumbly, the onions soft and very sweet and the chitterlings gave a contrasting salty taste.  My main course translated as sauerkraut of the sea which really didn’t do it justice.  It was white fish, salmon, prawns and mussels, all perfectly cooked, served on a bed of lightly cooked lemony shredded cabbage with a cream sauce and some steamed new potatoes.  Very tasty!  For pudding I had baked custard served in a Parfait jar and a Breton biscuit.  Unfortunately I ate everything before I remembered to take any photos – it was all so delicious!

I did take some photographs of the inside of the restaurant though.  It was so very crunchy and snickety.  As you can see I loved the lights, all made up of vintage kitchenware.  I took plenty of photos for future reference and dropped very un-subtle hints to Joe about how “we” could make some like them!

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